Equipment Return Policy

Please adhere strictly to the following instructions. Failure to do so may result in significant import costs being levied unnecessarily; these may have to be covered by you.

  1. Email DCVG

Before returning equipment to DCVG Ltd. for repair, an e-mail should be sent to notifying us of the proposed repair or re-calibration.  A full and detailed failure report or request for repair, recalibration or upgrade/modification should be sent with the equipment or e-mailed to Please include your name and email address for us to gain approval for the repairs.

2. Harmonised Customs Tariff/HS Code/Commodity code and values

a) Please remember to use a realistic value when sending back equipment, please do NOT use the value of a whole set of equipment if you are only sending back one item in the equipment set, remember you are sending back items that are second hand and used.

b) Please use consistent descriptions so that customs understand what items are being imported into the UK.  The following is a table of items and commodity codes of items that are regularly returned, if you require information for any other returned item please email us :

Item Name

Harmonised Customs Tariff/HS Code/Commodity code


Pipeline Survey Equipment – DCVG Meter



Pipeline Survey Equipment – Quantum Meter



Pipeline Survey Equipment – Bias Handle



Pipeline Survey Equipment – Reference Probe



Pipeline Survey Equipment – Interrupter



3. All equipment should be shipped to the following address:

FAO: Repair Dept / Dr. Sarah Leeds

DC Voltage Gradient Technology and Supply Ltd.

Swan House,

Swan Lane,

Hindley Green,

Wigan WN2 4AR


Contact Number: +44 1942 522180

4. Packaging

All equipment should be properly packaged, preferably in sturdy packing material due to the fragile nature of the equipment, particularly the DCVG meter which has glass components. Any loss or damage arising from improperly packaged goods will be chargeable.

5. Batteries (A professional courier should not ask you to remove the batteries, they should be capable of shipping batteries because all electronic equipment has batteries)

All Airwaybills should state the following to exempt the shipment from x-ray scanning at the airport: Not Restricted as per IATA SP A67’

We use alkaline batteries inside our meters and we use Sealed Lead Acid batteries inside our interrupters. 

6. What to return for repair/re-calibration:

As well as shipping back a Quantum meter, DCVG Meter, Maximus Meter or Interrupter, it’s best to also ship back the following items for checking:

Bias Handles, Connection Leads, Interrupter Aerial, Quantum Aerial.

A courier may ask you to provide a Materials Safety Data Sheet to ship the equipment. If they do here are the datasheets:

Alkaline Battery Datasheets (for Meters and Bias Handles):

Lead Acid Datasheets (For Interrupters):

You can print out the labels below or write on the box the exceptions for shipping the batteries:

Alkaline Battery exception labels (for Meters and Bias Handles):

Lead Acid Battery exception labels (For Interrupters):          

Our batteries are NOT hazardous, we do NOT use Lithium ION batteries, they have been shipped by air freight for over 30 years.