Analogue DCVG Set Constituents

Analogue DCVG Set Constituents

Analogue DCVG Set

In surveying a pipeline, the operator walks the pipeline route testing for a pulsing voltage gradient at regular intervals. As a fault is approached, the surveyor will observe the analogue meter needle begin to respond to the pulse, pointing in the direction of current flow that is towards the fault. 

When the fault is passed the needle direction completely reverses and slowly decreases as the surveyor moves away from the fault.
By retracing to the fault, a position of the electrodes can be found where the needle shows no deflection in either direction (a null). 

The fault is then sited midway between the two electrodes.

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Whats Included?

1x Main Equipment Carry Case
1x Satellite Synchronised 50 or 125 amp Interrupter
1x Analogue DCVG Survey Meter
2x Bias Probe Handles
1x 120/240 Volt Battery Charger
1x 3 Way Battery Charger Adaptor
1x Right Hand Connection Lead
1x Left Hand Connection Lead
1x Copper Sulphate Crystals
1x Probe Filler Bottle
4x Probe Tips
4x Probe Tip Washers
2x Probe Tip Holder
1x PTFE Sealing Tape
2x Reference Probes – DCVG
1x Reference Probe Carry Case
1x DCVG User Manual
1x Satellite Synchronised 50/125 amp Interrupter User Manual
1 Set of Certificates

All certificates are stored in the
documents folder which is located in
the main equipment case.

Full or Basic Sets are offered to suit
your needs

Product Documentation

Principle Of The DCVG Technique(PDF)


Anode Bed

Anode Bed

This modified DCVG technique is used to locate and assess the performance of sacrificial Anode Systems.