When the Potentiostat is connected to the ProCoMeter it can assess the corrosive status of a metallic structure under an insulated coating.

  • The Potentiostat with the DCVG Ltd ProCoMeter can be used to assess the protective coating condition on pipelines, bridges, lampposts, aircrafts, trains, buses, cars, artefacts/relics, ships, bridges, trains, trams, etc.


  • The Potentiostat utilises a voltage-controlled reference electrode (REF) to maintain the potential of a test specimen. The non-intrusive configuration means a current measurement can be measured though a counter electrode (CE) from a working cell.


  • The Potentiostat is powered by rechargeable batteries (10 hours battery life) making it a portable, flexible device. Mains power charger included.
  • Various settings can be adjusted in the Potentiostat including the starting/ending voltage, step size, scan rate, number of cycles and recording test time.


  • The ProCoMeter can be adjusted to either a fixed potential or a swept test sequence. The fixed Potentiostat mode can be used in conjunction with a DCVG ProCoMeter device SC-Single Cell configuration. The Swept mode sequence can set a starting voltage and ramp to an ending voltage(Voltammetry). Repeat ramp cycles can be set or a reverse cycle mode.


  • Real time graph plotting with advanced capacitive touch screen display and 8GB internal memory.
Procometer set