Maximus DCVG

Maximus  represents the biggest step forward in Analogue DCVG Buried Pipeline Coating Survey Technology giving the Industry just what it needs to make Surveying easy and accurate.


The next evolution of the DCVG Meter has arrived. Our new DCVG Buried Pipeline Coating Survey Instrument combines the advantages of the analogue display with the convenience of sub-metre accuracy GPS and data logging. Designed for reliability and ease of use, this turnkey system can be mastered in minutes and used all day long. 


CIPS or CIS (Close Interval Survey), is a survey that is conducted above ground, and is used to figure out the effectiveness of a cathodic protection system on an entire pipeline that is buried beneath the ground.


Using pipe-to-soil potential measurements, you are able to evaluate the effectiveness of the cathodic protection on buried pipelines.

Analogue DCVG Meter

In surveying a pipeline, the operator walks the pipeline route testing for a pulsing voltage gradient at regular intervals. As a fault is approached, the surveyor will observe the analogue meter needle begin to respond to the pulse, pointing in the direction of current flow that is towards the fault. 

When the fault is passed the needle direction completely reverses and slowly decreases as the surveyor moves away from the fault.
By retracing to the fault, a position of the electrodes can be found where the needle shows no deflection in either direction (a null). 

The fault is then sited midway between the two electrodes.


We have an array of interrupters available ranging from 50amp to 150amp. 

From non Synchronisable interrupters to satellite interrupters, we are able to provide you with the right type of equipment for your business.

Our newest product the 150amp interrupter features touch screen technology to allow the user to change their timings.

ProcoMeter & Potentiostat

The ProcoMeter is a device that allows non-destructive testing of the Coating of new pipelines before burying, above ground Pipelines or exposed pipelines, Metal Monuments and Museum Artefacts.

When the Potentiostat is connected to the ProCoMeter it can assess the corrosive status of a metallic structure under an insulated coating.