Maximus DCVG Set Constituents

Maximus DCVG Set Constituents

Maximus DCVG Set

Maximus  represents the biggest step forward in Analogue DCVG Buried Pipeline Coating Survey Technology giving the Industry just what it needs to make Surveying easy and accurate.


The next evolution of the DCVG Meter has arrived. Our new DCVG Buried Pipeline Coating Survey Instrument combines the advantages of the analogue display with the convenience of sub-metre accuracy GPS and data logging. Designed for reliability and ease of use, this turnkey system can be mastered in minutes and used all day long. 


CAT. NO.: M002


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Whats Included?

1x Maximus DCVG Survey Meter
1x Maximus DCVG Satellite Aerial
1x 50 or 125 Amp Satellite Synchronisable Interrupter
1x Interrupter Satellite Aerial

2 x Reference Probes

1 x Reference Probe Carry Case

1x Power Cable to External 12 Volt Battery
1x Maximus Bias Probe Handle
1x Single Connector Handle
1x 120/240 Volt Battery Charger

1x Maximus Battery Charger

1x Maximus Right Hand Connection Lead
1x Maximus Left Hand Connection Lead
1x 15 Metre Remote Earth Cable
1x Mini USB Cable
1x Jar of Copper Sulphate
1x Probe Filler Bottle
4x Probe Tips
4x Probe Tip Washers
2x Probe Tip Holder
1x PTFE Sealing Tape
1x Maximus Backpack with Satellite Mount
1x Equipment Carry Case with foam


On USB Drive:
1x Maximus DCVG User Manual
1x Maximus Quick Start Guide
1x DCVG Maintenance Manual
1x Interrupter Manual

Product Documentation



Maximus DCVG Constituents(PDF)