Our Newest Products

Below is our latest products, check back soon to see more new additions

Reference Probe Case

New and improved tube design with robust cover, includes a handle to carry by hand or a strap to carry on your back.

GIS GPS GNSS Maximus Backpack with Telescopic Antenna Pole

GIS GPS GNSS Backpack with Extentible Antenna Pole.  Made out of Red Nylon.  Approximate dimensions of the Nylon backpack 53cm x 38cm

Maximus/DCVG Meter Harness

Extender for Maximus and DCVG Meters.

Maximus Aluminium Aerial Stand Backpack (Seco)

Lightweight and strong backpack used for the Maximus DCVG device, you can attach the GPS aerial.

DCVG Branded Copper/Copper Sulphate Half Cell.

DCVG Branded Copper/Copper Sulphate Half Cell with pointed tip.  

Can also be attached to our DCVG Reference Electrode extension probes.

Fill the Chamber with copper sulphate.  

1/4 inch screw thread on top to attach to extension cell.  Also includes 1/4 inch steel thumbscrew 

For a CIPS, CIS survey or routine CP monitoring please use a saturated copper sulphate solution in the half cells.

For DCVG surveys when used with our extension poles use a 1-5% concentration of copper sulphate solution.