CIPS/CIS Set Constituents


2x Equipment Carry Cases
3x 50/125 amp Satellite Synchronised Interrupters
3x Interrupter Satellite Aerial
3x Interrupter Power Cable to External 12 Volt Battery
1x Quantum CIPS Data Logger
1x Quantum Satellite Aerial
2x Single Connector Probe Handle
1x Double Connector Probe Handle
2x 120/240 Volt Battery Charger
1x 3 Way Battery Charger Adaptor
2x Right Hand Connection Lead
2x Left Hand Connection Lead
1x Jar of Copper Sulphate
1x Probe Filler Bottle
5x Wooden Tips
5x Probe Tip Washers
5x Probe Tip Holders
2x PTFE Sealing Tapes
3x Reference Probes – CIPS
1x Reference Probe Carry Case
3x Satellite Interrupter Aerial
1x Shorting Out Lead
1x Quantum to RS232 Download Cable
1x 15m Remote Earth Cable
2x Backpack to Quantum Signal Cable
2x Probe to Probe Connection Cable
1x Quantum Download on flash drive
1x RS232 to USB Adaptor
1x Wire Dispenser Backpack with Battery
6x Empty DIN 125 Wire Reels
1 set of Wire Winding Spindle 
1x Backpack Battery Charger
2x Backpack Battery to Quantum Cable
5x User Manuals
1 set of Certificates

All certificates will be located inside the main equipment case

Full or Basic Sets are offered to suit
your needs

Datasheet Download

Interrupter Brochure

Interrupter Info

CIPS Brochure

50 amp technical datasheet

CIPS Datasheet

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