DC Voltage Gradient Technology and Supply Ltd. supply pipeline equipment to 71 different countries around the world, we also offer other services which include training for the use of the supplied equipment and repairing of equipment we have supplied.

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One of the main services we offer is consultancy here at DC Voltage Gradient Technology and Supply Ltd. This allows you to to ask any queries about your equipment or services received from us or any additional information on other services and products. 



The basis of the Accreditation is the appraisal by a panel of experts headed by Dr J. M. Leeds and Dr S. Leeds, of the level of competence in DC Voltage Gradient Technology of the overall contribution to the advancement of the technology and client satisfaction rather than Km surveyed. The seminar has been well established over the past 25 years and more than 100 such training seminars have been conducted in 33 countries, with more than 1250 attendees.

The training consists of 4 different levels, for further information on these levels click below.



DCVG Ltd. offers a Calibration and Test Service for the DCVG and CIPS equipment purchased from us.



If your equipment should break or become faulty we now offer a repair service which will allow you to send us your broken/faulty equipment and have it repaired on site by our dedicated engineers and sent back to you with all problems fixed.

For more information on repairs click the repairs button below, or use contact button to contact us directly.

Survey Data Analysis Service for the Parametric Maintenance of pipelines.

As a Pipeline Operator you will appreciate that the continued use of a pipeline for safe transport of fluid depends upon the application of a Cost Effective Program of Monitoring
and Maintenance. External Surveys determine both Pipeline Coating Quality and the efficacy of the Cathodic Protection System and Internal Inspection Tools determine Metal
Loss Areas.

External Pipeline Integrity Auditing Data Collection & Interpretation Activities

– Detailed assessment of operating Contractor’s data collection and interpretation specifications and method statements. We will provide tailored, fully documented working systems for you.


– Thorough appraisals of pipeline coating refurbishment specifications, quality control techniques and their implementation. Material selection reviews included.


– Impartial review of proposed survey equipment and techniques. Identify inadequacies


– Examination of the experience and training of Contractor’s staff, with particular attention to their understanding of the methods and limitations of the various techniques. Our own established training programs are used both as a basis for assessment and a means of improvement.


– Critical review of past reports to identify any errors and shortfalls in both the survey data and its interpretation. We will determine the quality and usefulness of past survey work and highlight areas needing improvement.


– A detailed review of your company’s strategy for external pipeline integrity / corrosion control to ensure the program is monitoring the correct parameters and interpreting data in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Survey Data Analysis Service for the Pipeline Integrity Management of Pipelines

DCVG Ltd Pipeline Survey Data Analysis Service where input from Experienced Engineers using ECDA-Soft a unique, powerful, user-friendly software package, determine Packages of Maintenance or Rehabilitation Work to be done. ECDA-Soft is an efficient and effective means of storing and analysing large quantities of pipeline information and survey data, to produce a Cost-Effective program for the Pipeline Integrity Management of the Metal Pipeline, the Pipeline Coating and Cathodic Protection Systems.