Calibration and Test

DCVG Ltd. offers a Calibration and Test Service for the DCVG and CIPS equipment purchased from us.


Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a set of equipment. Over time there is a tendency for results and accuracy to drift. To be confident in the measurements taken with the equipment there is the need for an ongoing service and maintenance of the calibration of the equipment throughout its lifetime to ensure reliable, accurate and reproducible data is taken.


DCVG through this calibration service aims to minimise uncertainty by ensuring accurate calibration and testing of the equipment. A certificate of re-calibration and equipment test will be issued with the newly calibrated equipment

DCVG Meter Movement Repairs and Calibration


We recommend repairing of meter movements and calibration by DCVG Ltd only.  Calibration and repair by external organisations are prone to damage to the instrument and badly calibrated equipment.  This can make your equipment produce false readings or cost you a lot more money to get it repaired.